Why I love liking women, not loving them

Why I love liking women, not loving them I recently read an article by Australian biologist  HYPERLINK “” Jeremy Griffith which stated that ‘real love is unconditional selflessness’. In this case does anybody really love? To some people, particularly some women, it can be almost incomprehensible how a man in his early thirties can live happily without love. Or rather not the kind of love that exists in a relationship. But what is love and who really needs it? I’ll explain below why I don’t need love, perhaps at the expense of revealing that selflessness is not my best trait… Relationships can feel forced and constrictive at times. With my last long-term girlfriend, we told each other we loved each other as a greeting. And a way to say goodbye. To me this seemed silly, it took all meaning out of the phrase. Saying “I love you” as a ritual before hanging up the phone renders it pointless. Plus being in a relationship stopped me doing the things I love. Working on my personal fitness, starting my own business, owning a dog and generally living life. It’s hard to describe why this is, but I suppose it’s because you are constantly having to make compromises for whatever your other half wants to do. Relationships mean another family. It’s enough having one family to deal with (your own), let alone having to take on another. I hated my ex’s parents. I was often dragged out against my will and forced to socialise with people I didn’t like at all. Relationships can get monotonous. Boredom in the bedroom. Enough said. Relationships hurt.  “” In fact love hurts. By far the worst thing of all though, is a relationship ending badly. My last relationship ended with her cheating on me and blaming me for it. I have absolutely no desire to go through that again. I know you’ll say I’m just afraid of love and don’t want to be hurt, and you’re right but there are so many other things that support my decision. Why do we need love? Well, it helps us get through life. It makes it easier knowing you have someone you can always rely on, and it gives you a reason to endeavour to make someone happy. But I do have this love in my life. I share this love with my nephew, my sister, my parents and my closest friends. So, what about sex and female company? Being burned a couple of times in the past hasn’t given me a pathological hatred of women. I love women, or rather I love liking women. But you can get this without a relationship, on the dating scene. Sex is not something we consider sinful outside of wedlock any more, nor is it frowned on outside of a relationship. We take a much more adult view towards sex these days. As long as both parties know where they stand, there is absolutely nothing immoral about having a one-night-stand or a short fling. Nor is it anyone else’s business to find it objectionable. Women are also a lot of fun to be around as friends. They bring a unique perspective to a man’s life that would be lacking without them. Whether it’s humour, style tips or a their ability to deflate your ego, life for me would be empty without female company. So, am I open to relationships in the future? Possibly, but I’m in no rush. I have no desire to compromise or adjust my life to suit anyone else. I like it just the way it is. At the moment, I’m having fun dating new women, meeting new friends and having a good time. I can also concentrate on my career and my own personal development. Money can’t buy me love, but I don’t need it to. It can help me have a good time.

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