Does Playing hard to get on men work?

Written on:June 3, 2012
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Does Playing hard to get on men


   You like to tease and play hard to get right? Nothing wrong with this it creates playful activity between you and him, the guy you’re playing hard to get with will love the challenge because all men want to feel like it’s a chase to go after you it’s like a hunt in some way to get the girl who is not easy.

        How well do you understand men? Playing hard to get works yes, but there is a fine line between you can’t have me and I want you to work for it, men are sensitive creatures they will play the game of hard to get, but if they aren’t making head way they will get this GUT feeling and turn away to another girl who won’t make them work so hard to get their attention and to be with them..

  Doing this you’re  creating a great balance for your future relationship, but once you get that men what are you doing to keep him around make sure he won’t pull away from you?

 The question you should ask is how do I play hard to get even when I am in a relationship, men will always want to feel like they have to go after you, the minute you make them feel like they can have whatever they want a man leaves and moves on, I know doesn’t make since but this is what a man thinks and acts on.

How Does Playing hard To Get Work On Men

  The other thing is men don’t react on their heart or with their minds men act out a feeling that starts in their GUT and this GUT feeling is a woman’s worst night mare if you don’t know how to react to it and speak man language.

 Playing hard to get works on men yes… But dragging this out to long will chase him away and leave you at square 1 again and that was single and with no man.

    Make sure you play hard to get just enough so that he will play back, dangle the bait low enough so he will bait and get hooked but not to high that he will find bait somewhere else.

Does Playing Hard To Get On Men Work How long should you play hard to get for?

  This should go on long enough for him to understand that you’re not some easy girl who will be walked on, and that he will have such respect and attraction that he would realize that you’re a keeper in his eyes.

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