3 Tips what to do when he gives you the “silent treatment”

Written on:June 8, 2012
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3 Tips what to do when he gives you the

“silent Treatment”


You’re on the bad list huh? He has gave you the cold shoulder and not commutating  with you at this moment, you’re upset and want to know what to do when he acts like this and gives you the silent treatment.

      It’s more than likely something you did upset him, but because he is a man and sucks at expressing his feelings he resorted to the middle school solution of just not talking to you what so ever, you’re trying to get things out of him, asking why is he silent and won’t talk with you, but the more you probe the longer he stays quiet why is this?

What To Do When He Gives You the Silent Treatment

   Tip 1   When a man is upset or not talking with you, this is your time to take control of the issue, by not giving in to his immaturity. He thinks by not speaking to you he is in control and you’re going to come after him and keep asking him what’s wrong, these are ways to keep him silent, if you want your man to open up and come to you with what’s bothering him, and then leave him a alone. If he is silent don’t react to it just move on, this will confuse his every day thought of the “A” Typical woman he thinks you are, if he sees something different, he is more likely to open up and speak sooner because he has done it on his own.

Tip 2 Don’t CRY!! When he is being silent and not talking to you, leave your emotions out of it men don’t react well to overly emotional woman, this will only keep him silent for longer, be strong go about your everyday life and he will break he can only stay silent for so long, it’s just a game to show you he thinks he is in control.

Tip 3 Don’t Gossip about him being silent to your friends, this will only piss him off he he will never open up to and show his feelings, because he is afraid you will tell all your girl friends about his business, this will leave your man feeling very insecure and questioning if you’re the right girl for him in the long run.

what to do when he gives me the silent treatment don’t get made understand men so you can fix this problem.

  I know none of this sounds like a solution, but there is no quick way to get him out of the silent mode, just do these 3 steps and watch him change his course, men think they know how you will react, if you react different they will have to adapt and re think their next move, get your man thinking and he will open up more because no man likes to loose.

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